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body horror/monster? beholder? ponies? 

Tonight, on The Help Action, if you were watching the stream *and* the chat, you know what's going on. If you weren't, I don't know what to say.

The song Timber started playing and I was like "okay I like where this is going" then some dude started singing and like, excuse you sir?? Please find your own song.

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I have a general energetic pop music station on Pandora that I've been listening to while cooking and Jump In the Line by Harry Belafonte came on out of nowhere. I paused for a moment then thought "yeah that's fine" and resumed dancing.

Turns out I already own part 2. So... maybe tomorrow!

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Finished it.

... yeah.

Around 4 hours?

Not bad. Guessed the ending early on. It didn't do some of the other obvious plot twists it could have, so that's a bonus? Hm.

Looking at the sequel and I'm not digging where the description says it's going? But might try it anyway.

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Started playing The Fall tonight. It's a cool concept. The gameplay is a little frustrating, but not super punishing (so far anyway). I dunno. Seems worth it. Hope it's not gonna be super predictable.

food, cookies 

So weird discovery: these taste better without chocolate chips. I think it's the whole wheat flour combined with the 60% cacao chocolate leaves it okay but not great. OTOH, based on the last time I made them, they're absolutely delicious if you dunk them in milk, but I ran out yesterday.

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alcohol mention 

Imagine if you will, me, in the kitchen, in high heels and an apron, dancing like I'm at a furry con going all over the place while my wireless headset blasts great tunes into my head. Apparently that's how I get when I'm drunk, have to stand around, & have music.

Okay so like, Windows 10 taskbar has room for two lines of text in each item because of how large the icons are, why does it not make use of it??? Show me the song title!

Was so awesome to just casually hang out with a couple of friends all day. Brought my art bag to sketch while I was there but spent all the free time cuddling or getting pets instead.

the GRS mambo, yo seattle transes 

anyways: next step is electrolysis to get all my hair gone from down there. if any of y'all from the Seattle area have any good experiences with local hair removal clinics, lemme know

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Only THREE DAYS LEFT to back GOLDEN TRICK, our graphic novel about a pair of gay con men who have sex and steal shit! It's fun, heartfelt and horny.... some might say a little TOO horny.... #Pride2021

me: *trying to remember the DC and Maryland rail system names*
my brain: The Maryland Metro Agency, or MDMA

Really don't like how many Discord servers don't require people to source art they post.

Streamed for 5h 55m today (including breaks). A lot longer than expected. Got some real good progress on a personal piece though. Can't wait to finish it so I can share it. Really like how it's turning out.

Tempted to add "Take the time to look at [non-character] references" as an upgrade option on my commission form to force myself to remember to actually use references for poses, clothes, etc.

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