#Desktop #Linux poll thing (ok for other environments where you have a choice too) #UserExperience #UX

Taskbar or dock goes on the

One of these days we'll get enough furries into the Unicode Consortium and get waving paws and talons, too.

TONIGHT ON THE HELP ACTION: we've got some big mysteries to solve and some big scheduling announcements to make... so don't miss it. <3 Starting in 30 minutes! twitch.tv/thehelpaction #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons

Really, really hoping that once my window inserts arrive this week they improve living here enough I get a handful of spoons back for drawing.

Ugh, I have so much tit sweat from doing that. I feel like I need to shower already. And I still gotta clean off the 3600 + heatsink to get it ready to replace the 3400G in the computer I bought for my sister, wherever *that* arrives, so that my desk is clean again so I can *use* my computer...

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Not to mention when I removed the heatsink from my 3600 the CPU came with it out of the socket. Thankfully it wasn't damaged, although I did give myself two cuts trying to remove it from the heatsink so I could reinstall it to update the BIOS after the 5600X failed to boot.

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Alright, 3 hours of bullshit later and I have a working computer again. The 5600X I bought from BestBuy had a bent pin but I managed to bend it back and wipe off whoever's fingerprints were on it and now it's installed and working. So much for "new stock" though.

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Trying to upgrade my CPU today and hoo boy has this been a couple of hours of absurdity and I'm not even done yet. Really hoping this BIOS/EFI update fixes it otherwise I'm gonna be pissed off to have to swap CPUs *again*.

your moment of zen: the berrigan declaration of the rights of the moon

created by 6 primary school children from Berrigan, NSW, Australia, in collaboration with space archaeologist Dr. Alice Gorman

more background and resources: twitter.com/drspacejunk/status
the grown-up version, not as good tho: earthlaws.org.au/moon-declarat


My current metaphor for gender is peanuts. Everyone thinks of a ๐Ÿฅœ as having a shell with two spots for one peanut each, but it's surprisingly common to have peanuts with two spots but one peanut, or one spot one peanut, or three spots three peanuts, or three spots two peanuts...

Kinda sucks that every facerig/vtuber software I tried doesn't work fully with my face.

I have a TON of adopts that I NEED to sell! Starting at $30+!

Here is the sale post with all the info for each!

watching curio's new video on Alan Wake while pencilling today and it still wilds my fucking shit out that Jesse Faden's voice actress just. Looks Like That. they designed Jesse Faden to just BE the actress playing Jesse Faden. i know this is like Remedy's Thing but that's still fucking bananas

Dating me involves watching me dance wildly while I cook dinner. Fair warning. Don't get in front of my knife.

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