... *adds guitar pedals to her project list.*

Need to figure out a more tribal like aesthetic for a sci-fi setting that isn't just ripping off indigenous culture or going with shit that's been co-opted by fash.

anyways please consider purchasing some of my fine comics and merchandise at shop.irisjay.net, for when you want something that's not professional enough to be mainstream but not UNprofessional enough to be artistically valid

In a better timeline Winamp would have released an Android version instead of a funny-money grift.

food, fish, food Q 

Made fried rice (has scallions and egg in it) with some breaded catfish with a spicy garlic sauce.

Weirdly enough the fish curled up when it was cooking in the pan and I've not had that happen before, anyone know why that would happen?

deedee's dumb battlebots drawings

it's hyperschock coming in with the steel chair

Pans and various utensils cleaned, kitchen counters cleaned, stovetop cleaned... All ready to do some big cooking tomorrow morning. Well, probably morning, if I get out of bed early enough.

WIP of a ref of a character I made for a MechWarrior: Destiny game, based on a furry character I made, that was based on my Saints Row 3 playthrough.

This is the reasonable version of the ref. I am going to make an unreasonable version of it later. It will go on my other account. :3

when kids my age grew up with an internet connection our parents told us that if we gave out our a/s/l in an online chatroom a guy in a Ghostface costume from Scream would show up at our house and kill us with a big knife, and while that is patently untrue, it did leave an impression

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Thinking about how being ND inherently causes you to wind up with ND friends because NT people will think you're not being friendly or don't like them or are too closed off or whatever

Always remember, blinking yellow lights want to warn you about a hidden danger. Even if you're not sure what they are trying to warn you about, do listen to them. They know.

#drachenmagier #fantasy #fantasyArt #traditionalArt #creature #cityguardian #urbanfantasy

Idea: Discord bot that receives and decodes wireless signals, that can be controlled with commands from a channel. Bonus for being able to play audio in a voice channel.

Lying in bed thinking about things... Wish I had access to the kinda shit I do at work for personal projects. Brain's going brrrrr again on wireless mesh networking stuff, including a modern Cybiko type thing. Sucks things have gotten so expensive/are out of stock everywhere.

Anyone have any recommendations for noise cancelling ear buds for keeping in while sleeping?

Bones scanned, groceries bought, tiger showered, now time to cook dinner.

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