Trying to figure out the best way to handle the one LVDS signal (an M-LVDS master clock for the system) but also I'm violating like three different design best-practices right now and if I try to move the IC to the backside to eliminate the issues the 12V trace gets in the way.

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I don't know, I feel like I'm both over and under thinking this CAN stuff. Overthinking because it's just a bonus add-on, underthinking because I'm pretty sure this could be done better.

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Been working on this again, while verifying part availability it turned out the 5V SMPS IC I was using is discontinued.

You can see in the older image how it changed because of that. Also, turns out you need pretty big inductors when your max load is much higher than your min load, and been beefing up traces/vias for higher current to support USB-C DRP.

re: food, seafood 

Also made shrimp tortillas with a cheese sauce. ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Just wrote up how I made corn on the cob tonight, more steps than I realized.

re: body horror/monster? beholder? 


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body horror/monster? beholder? ponies? 

Tonight, on The Help Action, if you were watching the stream *and* the chat, you know what's going on. If you weren't, I don't know what to say.

food, cookies 

So weird discovery: these taste better without chocolate chips. I think it's the whole wheat flour combined with the 60% cacao chocolate leaves it okay but not great. OTOH, based on the last time I made them, they're absolutely delicious if you dunk them in milk, but I ran out yesterday.

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Okay so like, Windows 10 taskbar has room for two lines of text in each item because of how large the icons are, why does it not make use of it??? Show me the song title!

I'm calling it here, this is totally where phones are going.

TheHelpAction Spoiler 

A quick piece of fan art I did during the stream on Wednesday.

Glass decided to try some diplomacy. It didn't *not* work...

... trying to figure out if there's a way to trim a PWM signal based on an op-amp comparing a buck-boost circuit's output to a reference voltage and I think the fact that I can trigger an interrupt in the PWM's timer from the analog comparator might work but I'm not entirely sure that's enough unless I can get the PWM timer to also reset.

Might have to do some of this in software rather than sleep walking hardware...

I have 20 slides so far. With that many I only have to spend 2 minutes 45 seconds per slide to fill my allotted time. I'm not done making slides. I think I'll be okay.

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Last minute announcement: I'm hosting a beta version of my online Gender Exploration panel for Furnal Equinox. Next Saturday!

Late night first draft thoughts about what I'd like to start seeing on microcontrollers

re: food, meat 

I had some leftover bacon and... made breaded bacon. Sweet and spicy breaded bacon. It's fucking delicious and a little crispy but the bacon itself is still somewhat tender and it pulls apart easily and *oh my gosh* forget the cutlets I'm just gonna buy a crap ton of bacon and do this instead the next time.

It's not even some fancy fresh local butcher-shop-cut thick-cut bacon with hand picked eggs and home made breading, it's cheapo store brand thick-cut bacon with 4C breading and a bunch of dry spices I keep around.

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food, meat 

So I made some bacon-wrapped breaded pork loin cutlets with some pasta and spinach in alfredo sauce tonight. Not bad. Overcooked the pork a little. But, this was not the star of the show. Nor was it the cider I had with it, oh no...

Probably should start posting old art since this is a newer account and I haven't really resume drawing yet.

Here's a sketch from a while back of Hildryn from Warframe rockin' custom dual Zorens.

food, meat 

Got 2lb of beef chuck for like $9 and decided to cook it tonight. After dry brining for a day, cut the thick fat chunk out the middle and basically portioned three servings out of it. Seared them all on all sides, then deglazed with some cheap-ass rum I have, turned down the temp and cooked for a bit longer until medium-ish.

Cooked frozen hash browns and spinach on the side with butter then dumped them into the pan to absorb the drippings. Very good.

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