Was fucking around with my acoustic guitar earlier today for the first time since I moved and decided to record something that sounded neat.

This is the third recording, adding up all I figured out while fucking around. Only editing was cutting segments and the fade out.

(Volume warning)

The base ref for Athena is done. I wanna do some outfit designs later on as well n-n

food, fish, food Q 

Made fried rice (has scallions and egg in it) with some breaded catfish with a spicy garlic sauce.

Weirdly enough the fish curled up when it was cooking in the pan and I've not had that happen before, anyone know why that would happen?

WIP of a ref of a character I made for a MechWarrior: Destiny game, based on a furry character I made, that was based on my Saints Row 3 playthrough.

This is the reasonable version of the ref. I am going to make an unreasonable version of it later. It will go on my other account. :3


Made the traditional trans-girl comfort food dish but being non-binary I added a bit to it.


Made a pasta that came out a-fucking-mazing. Like, I scarfed that stuff down so fast I can't believe it. Using an entire stick of butter probably helped though.

Gemelli pasta
Butter and whole wheat flour (roux)
Minced garlic cooked in butter
Onions, peppers, and spinach cooked in butter
Add salt to taste

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Peeling two bulbs of garlic, in which almost all cloves had sprouts to remove, reminds me a lot of peeling & deveining shrimp. Werg. =3= But worth it.

food, vegetarian 

Egg noodles, 4 Tbsp butter, 1 Tbsp shredded parmesan, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, granulated garlic, olive oil.

It was delicious.

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food, silliness 

Foolish mortals, BEHOLD! Horizontal... LASAGNA!

When you're trying to label pins in a compact manner but are basically reduced to doing pixel art.
*looks at the analog inputs symbol, only sees a dreidel*

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60% cacao chocolate chip cookie debrief:
When the cookies have cooled to where the chocolate is just *barely* melty, the flavor really works with the dough, but TBH the dough still really is the star of the show.

food, meat, Wolfenoot dinner 

Made dinner for Wolfenoot tonight!

Roasted chimken, pan-cooked broccoli, thick-n-creamy mac'n'cheese with parmesan added, and raisin cinnamon cookies!

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