food, seafood 

Made a sort of lemon alfredo with shrimp, based around Babish's Americanized pasta al limone. A little bit of spice, a strong lemon flavor but not overwhelming. Despite my timing be wrong on *everything*, delicious.

Damn it, now I want to make a shallow bench seat that folds out into a couch for my office.

fursuit head, maybe ec 

Remembering last year's @FurFest. Driving through snow in WV in the middle of the night. Having someone's disembodied head in my lap for nearly 12 hours. Discovering furry stuff in the wild (Hi Flea!). Reg-line bucket.

food, meat 

Had my traditional Wolfenoot dinner tonight. It's a fine tradition that stretches all the way back to last week, when I went grocery shopping and picked up some chicken.

Italian sausage stuffing made with celery and onion, seared and baked chicken, and cider cooked green-beans.

The installer just had the fiber coming in through an empty keystone jack plate, with a really tight run to the ONT. Now it's got a proper patch point to reduce wear on the incoming fiber cable. n-n

(Still need to see if I can get the coax run in through there, right now it's just an empty coupler on the bottom)

Looking like I really need to make an adapter like this. Attach a 4-pin PWM fan to a motherboard but also the tach signals to a hot-swap drive bay to keep its fan failure alarm from going off. | |

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