also minor loose thoughts pulled from discord re: The Overall Vibes Of This Game

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food, meat, Wolfenoot dinner 

Made dinner for Wolfenoot tonight!

Roasted chimken, pan-cooked broccoli, thick-n-creamy mac'n'cheese with parmesan added, and raisin cinnamon cookies!

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THE HELP ACTION IS BACK IN ACTION! Join us as we battle for the throne in a board game set in the greatest possible genre in all of fiction: cute little woodland critters doing people things. We're also raising money for Transgender Law Center! Going live at 7pm Pacific / 10 pm Eastern-- don't miss it! twitch.tv/thehelpaction

IT WASN'T THE FUTURE YOU WANTED... no shit, idiot, you made a game about eternal future war. god what ketchup brained moron writes this stuff

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space show in 10 min 

We're coming up on this week's live space show episode! If you need something to give you a breather today, get your mind elsewhere, we're going to be talking about cool space stuff because a lot of cool space stuff happened this week. youtu.be/hh6FvRV5Qb8


friends and colleagues, it's my express pleasure to state that ใ€Ž S a n g d r o i d ใ€has logged the FUCK on

Deciding to be the Internet Shithead of the day by posting a picture of a plastic shaker of Parmesan cheese with the caption: "Kids today don't know what this is!"

if the queen of england really is dying right now, i kind of hope a bunch of british people revolt and keep any other members of the royal family from taking power. i just want to see what would happen if we did that. how long could we blueball the monarchy

So... BEYOND understandable human emotions over this and LEGIT hate HATE doing this and it IS a last resort.

If you can't do a custom com plz consider a Ko-fi or snagging something from the shop!

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I... Can't BELIEVE I gotta do this but opening up for a few LEGIT EMERGENCY commissions. Woke up to a mystery $0 balance with NO help from customer service so far. This has never happened and frankly is NOT good at all.

So some emergency offers

head/derp - 50
full bod - 100
Full bod scene - 130

PM Nightlinez on Telegram if interested o want to inquire about another type of piece

Stream over! Thanks to @korpspropaganda@twitter.com for streaming alongside me, and to everyone who showed up! Sketches are for @IonJones@twitter.com , @websterleone and @korpspropaganda@twitter.com ! #nsfw

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special hacker/supervillain/gender criminal in your life? I've got a sale running in my shop for the next four weeks! 20% off clearance merch, plus $5 off any regular merch purchase of $30 or more! shop.irisjay.net/discount/BLAC

@irisjaycomics hell yeah, we need to build a massive skate park on Lua

@irisjaycomics Great you've given me another reason to never wear a skirt out and about again.

once again it is my great pleasure to wish a happy birthday to two of the realest bitches around, that's right: Happy Birthday to Wendy Carlos and Gracie Animal Crossing

got my new business cards and crossed wires flyers in the mail today and they're lookin SLICK

My next book got announced!! RT'd from @ironcircuscomix@twitter.com:

"JUST SIGNED by Iron Circus: Our Velocity, by @itsnero !

After a sexual encounter at a punk show, two transgender men begin a rocky relationship full of bad decisions in rural Pennsylvania.

A story about what happens when you're the only ones like you for 1,000 miles!

In 2026!"

live show about space in an hourish 

ahem we're 57 minutes away from tonight's space live show ahem youtu.be/07s5HXmDCg0

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