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Okay but the Korps could make me high heel platform boots that could survive my dancing, damn it.

You can have been AMAB and still be masc non-binary.

it's Christmas! please consult the following gift etiquette chart to make the appropriate face and/or gesture for the camera when opening a given category of present:

- toys and games: pure childlike delight, just like in the commercials

- cooking gear: hold it up and pretend to lick it (can be tricky if it's a stand mixer)

- socks (general): bemused stare

- socks (thigh-highs and/or pride colors): put them on immediately. if multiple people got you these, put the longest ones on first so the shorter ones can show

- box full of nothing: grin knowingly and place a cat in the box, or yourself if you are a catgirl

- electronics: not so much a gesture as the extended performance piece that is integrating them into the local A/V web

- batteries for other gifts: find the giver and hug the shit out of them and tell them you treasure their foresight and they're just, the best, you know?

- anything horny: ahegao hard, or ahegao home

TONIGHT, ON THE HELP ACTION: C.S. Lewis once said that "cellar door" was the most beautiful combination of words in the English language. He was wrong. It's actually "skeleton Christmas". Join our dungeon crawl for charity at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern on !

For KorpsCon next year I wanna do Oregon Trail II where people can name travelers and make decisions if they donate. Hell, maybe I could do that at an in-person con, too.

repostin' because I'm learning how to mastodon

Many Gifts
gouache and watercolour on wood panel

This might be my favourite thing I painted this year c:

Any time there's a song about a hetero relationship/etc that I never liked I find it infinitely better when I imagine the guy as a femme person/woman.

Why yes, I *am* interested in a bad girl singing about falling for a nerdy femme in a bow-tie and glasses.

Was singing along to Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men and nearly started crying, then to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson afterwards and, yeah, still trying not to cry.

If I was an all-powerful god I would take baths instead of showering way more often than I do now, which is near zero times a year, because then I could both fit comfortably in a tub as well as instantly clean it afterwards with no effort.


Just tried a gingerbread spiced rum and uh, in a better rum I think the flavor would work, but oof... gonna stick to using it for cookies and mixed drinks.

me: gosh girl
brain: you mean goth girl?
me: no I mean a girl that makes me go *gosh* ๐Ÿ˜Œ

REMINDER: we're doing another episode of our D&D charity stream, The Help Action, tomorrow! Which means today is a great chance to catch up with the story on our โœจExtremely Convenient Youtube Channelโœจ, featuring VODs of our past four episodes. WOW!

I wish you were able to set a noise gate/squelch when listening to an input audio device in Windows.

HEY AMERICANS: state healthcare signups end tomorrow! are YOU not making as much money as you did last year, for whatever reason? then consider looking into whether you can sign up for state-assisted healthcare. it's worth it

Got to do an album cover for @lastfuture 's upcoming album which was great fun :) Will probably plug it again when it's out! Still taking on commission work for 2021, and would love to do more covers and illustration.

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