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I have 20 slides so far. With that many I only have to spend 2 minutes 45 seconds per slide to fill my allotted time. I'm not done making slides. I think I'll be okay.

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Last minute announcement: I'm hosting a beta version of my online Gender Exploration panel for Furnal Equinox. Next Saturday!

Any of y'all use stock photos and have a site you recommend?

Late night first draft thoughts about what I'd like to start seeing on microcontrollers

Return to Oz by Scissor Sisters is such a song.


I might like it. I might hate it. I don't even know how to respond to it other than just... listen to it then feel weird.

It just keeps building until it collapses at the very end.

I wish they made garbage/recycling trucks quieter.

BRB, making a commission tier for like $1k where I make a single print of it, mail you it, then destroy the original file.

re: food, meat 

I had some leftover bacon and... made breaded bacon. Sweet and spicy breaded bacon. It's fucking delicious and a little crispy but the bacon itself is still somewhat tender and it pulls apart easily and *oh my gosh* forget the cutlets I'm just gonna buy a crap ton of bacon and do this instead the next time.

It's not even some fancy fresh local butcher-shop-cut thick-cut bacon with hand picked eggs and home made breading, it's cheapo store brand thick-cut bacon with 4C breading and a bunch of dry spices I keep around.

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food, meat 

So I made some bacon-wrapped breaded pork loin cutlets with some pasta and spinach in alfredo sauce tonight. Not bad. Overcooked the pork a little. But, this was not the star of the show. Nor was it the cider I had with it, oh no...

SO, apparently one of my mutuals is friends with Richard Morris (the original character designer for PBS ' Arthur, not the dead politician) and:

Just played guitar for probably the first time in a year. Was fun, but damn I'm rusty.

If you're on Windows and a program you're using crashes randomly, and only seems to happen after your computer has been on for a while, you may be running out of virtual memory. Task Manager doesn't show virtual memory usage by default.

You can see it by going to details, right click on the column headers, select columns to show, and choose "Commit Size". Sort by it to see what's using the most, and compare how much it is to regular memory usage.

My brain: What about: Warframe as a TTRPG.
Me: Yeah that'd be pretty cool, could describe the really cool kinda moves you only see in cutscenes and the like, could customize your warframes beyond what the game allows, l-- wait this is just Lancer.
My brain: Wh-- how dare

Probably should start posting old art since this is a newer account and I haven't really resume drawing yet.

Here's a sketch from a while back of Hildryn from Warframe rockin' custom dual Zorens.

Are you frustrated by the repeated attempts of people in power to malign and disenfranchise the trans community? Want to help fight back AND distract yourself from social media? Tune into THE HELP ACTION tonight and help us raise money for the Transgender Law Center
while we adventure! #dungeonsanddragons #dnd

If you run a Discord server please require sourcing when sharing art. Just because it's not Twitter doesn't mean stealing art less worse.

Finally updated CSP after I dunno how long I've had the last version installed. Let's see how that goes...

me: *thinking about fur cons*
me: *thinking about how certain con names don't really roll off the tongue*
me: *thinking about ways to shorten Harvest Moon Howl Fest*
me: ... I'm gonna call it HarFest.

Mars exploration, me visiting JPL last year 

For all of you super interested in Mars exploration after the landing of Perseverance, I was at JPL last year a few days before they shipped Percy to The Cape.

Yes: I filmed it.

And yes, I take you places the public doesn't get access to:

food, meat 

Got 2lb of beef chuck for like $9 and decided to cook it tonight. After dry brining for a day, cut the thick fat chunk out the middle and basically portioned three servings out of it. Seared them all on all sides, then deglazed with some cheap-ass rum I have, turned down the temp and cooked for a bit longer until medium-ish.

Cooked frozen hash browns and spinach on the side with butter then dumped them into the pan to absorb the drippings. Very good.

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