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Playing D&D for charity on THE HELP ACTION! I have on my most inflammatory t-shirt yet today! Come and watch!

TheHelpAction Spoiler 

A quick piece of fan art I did during the stream on Wednesday.

Glass decided to try some diplomacy. It didn't *not* work...

THEY'RE BACK. Our wildly popular Trans QVP Masks got an upgrade, and now sport the same tailored fit, dual-layer construction and adjustable ear straps as our regular QVP masks! Only 100 are available, so order now! #queervillainpride

i would hesitate to call the Castlevania S4's writing *good*, but it is extremely metatextual. we're only halfway through and multiple characters have actively discussed on screen that they've realized their previous motivations are kind of stupid and they're really just not feeling it anymore. a few of them have just, like, left the series. it's like watching a show actively rebel against itself. BITCHIN' fight scenes though

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also i do appreciate the production staff's commitment to keep The Trademark Castlevania Voice-Acting Experience consistent throughout the series. possibly by waking up the voice actors at 3am and locking them in a recording studio with just a liiiittle bit of carbon monoxide pumped into it

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head mounted computer project thing, cwing for cartoon blood in one of the photos 

Prototyped my netrunner terminal for hardcore tabletop rp and around the house server admin

Ill take a selfie with it at some point once I actually put the electronics in a housing and get rid of the huge hdmi adapter, believe me itโ€™s as dorky lookin as u think :3c

TOMORROW! 3PM PACIFIC! I'm on a panel at the all-digital Queer Comics Expo! Catch
and yours truly discuss art and identity through a furry lens on our panel, "All Creatures Great and Furry". Tix here:

Masterfully moderated by @RebeccaKaplan6 ! More info on the panel and on the entire weekend of events at !

If you want to know how I'm doing I just realized I'm pretty sure I forgot to remove both the case and screen protector from my phone before sending in for trade-in credit several days ago.

also still can't get over how those weird side-ab muscles are only really visible on incredibly shredded people with like zero percent body fat, and yet so many mainstream cartoonists draw the fuck out of them

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mutual aid request, HRT & food 

I hate to ask again, but December's three month prescription will run out in a month or so, and I only have enough to pay for a small groceries topup.

For extra fun, the new practice isn't willing to help with bloodwork, so I'm left with either being stuck with *those* costs too, or going DIY, as I'd at least have it under my control without hoop-jumping, and could finally switch from finasteride to busurelin, a surprisingly affordable GnRH agonist.

Either way, it's a chunk of change - ยฃ160 prescription + blood tests + ยฃ15/mo fee, or about ยฃ220 for a slightly longer supply of E2 gel and P creme, and busurelin spray.

On top of that, groceries come to a good ยฃ35/week, and finally resuming the contact lens subscription will require three months in advance - there's another ยฃ45. This pair's over a year old, which is *just a bit* over their intended lifetime.

New idea: Rolf from Ed Edd & Eddy as a TTRPG NPC.

The Help Action, the internet's only D&D stream worth a damn, is starting in just 15 scant minutes at 7pm Pacific! Come and join us as we reach our current module's thrilling climax and start COUNTING DOWN... TO DANGER! (And to some sort of spooky scary spider person.) Still raising money for the Transgender Law Center, btw!

Introducing our Release Candidate for 1.1, available for you to test with us. It's the final version before our official version launch, coming soon! Download the RC here:

Currently planning on spending a good chunk of tomorrow streaming. If I do it's only going to be personal work. I need to refill my tanks before I get back to commissions.

Of which I have two in queue. Any submissions from last year that were not confirmed have been cleared out.

Updating my multi-boot USB stick and considering trying to come up with a cool theme for grub.

TONIGHT ON THE HELP ACTION: We're diving into Wave Echo Cave! Get ready for Ninja Warrior but with magic and also weird animals that want to kill us. Still raising money for the Transgender Law Center, btw, so hop in and help out! at 7pm PT/10pm ET!

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