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Somewhere out there, there's a pegasus pony called Cloud Flare.

I wanna do a charity event where I draw a character and people get to choose what the character's like by donating (like the pony one I'm doing, but for charity), then auction the final character off as an adoptable.

Might not be good for a con tho as my expertise is in NSFW >->

Heads up, I'm doing a poll over on Twitter to design a pony! Might do a second fediverse one later if this goes well!

If you're buying a portable/single room air conditioner make sure it's got two ducts and not one so it doesn't draw in warm air from outside to replace its exhausted air.

Selfie, Ec, Come watch me stream, Boost if you're gay 

Going live with some streaming!!! We're playing GUNFIRE REBORN as a CUTE BUNNY and talking about THE HISTORY OF ROGUELIKES and HOW CUTE THE BUNNY IS

Come join me and possibly my cat if she decides to sit on my desk as she is now!!

in all seriousness, i love schlocky goth aesthetic with a deep and unbreakable passion, but there are Certain Elements of it that i honestly wish would get thrown the fuck out

manic trans screaming, complex ideas 


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alcohol ref 

Just sitting on my couch with my feet up on the coffee table drinking bourbon with a splash of lemonade in it after fighting the fridge for an hour trying and failing to get the water dispenser working. Think the ice maker is working though.

Tell Microsoft to cancel Windows 11, I have a better idea.

Waiting for someone to make a video deinterlacer that just ray traces it through a virtual CRT model with phosphor persistence.

I wanna see a warframe that's just a fucking tiger.

Just, fuckin' claws and teeth. Not as melee weapons you can equip, either.

Commissions Open! talk of surgery 

Any money I get from commissions will go to either:
- electrolysis and tiddy surgery
- new clothes that actually fit well
pay me to draw a thing so I can transition better pls c:

I have a in my bio or you can DM me!

the help action ooc 

โ€œIntern and pet are basically the same thingโ€
-Iris Jay

Oh gosh I'm reading the Thirsty Sword Lesbians book and just had a great idea for a character arc going from The Devoted to The Beast or Spooky Witch.

TONIGHT, on our Season 1 Finale of The Help Action! The Troubleshooters kicked ass and saved a magical forge. What does fate have in store for them next??? Tune in tonight at 7pm PT/10pm ET to find out! Plus we're still raising money for the Transgender Law Center!

thoughts about a movie i'll never watch 

it's weird that cartoon network is making a scooby/courage crossover movie, considering the overarching theme of scooby-doo is "scary things always have rational human explanations, think for yourself instead of giving into superstition" while courage's theme is "there is DEFINITELY fucked-up scary shit going on ALL the time, it WILL find you eventually, and the most you can do is try to protect the people you care about"

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