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STARTING SOON: The Help Action returns tonight as the party unravels the mystery around the ancient object buried in the city of Triboar.

Come join us at 7pm PDT at for some D&D for charity! #dnd #dnd5e #TwitchStreamers

Gosh. Singing as I was drying off from my shower and got a basic music video idea for Sleeping In the Cold Below in my head and now I wish I could animate. i literally can't wait for generation AA or whatever to be like "daaaamn grandma this song that sounds like a gundam farting is the SHIT actually"

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wanna hear an idea for a game that'll make you mad it's not real 

procedurally generated katamari roguelike

A friend posted something and, yeah, flu season is right around the corner. Highly recommend getting your flu shot before November.

If you have health insurance at all it's pretty much guaranteed to be free, because not getting the flu is much cheaper for them than paying for a doctor's visit.

THE HELP ACTION, the internet's only D&D livestream worth mentioning, is starting in fifteen! Hop on in! #dnd5e

Apparently we're handling the 20th year since 9/11 like it was a god damn movie and now we're getting never before seen behind-the-scenes shit. Thank you work email for ruining my day before it began.

Thinking about electro-optical and fully-optical circuits and how much circuit boards would both change and still be very similar to current boards.

I blame Kavaeric for this.

there are moments where the movie very clearly wants you to think โ€œeeeeuuuuwwww!!!โ€ but it is so hard to do so when you own rats. itโ€™s like seeing people get murdered by swarms of lil kittens or puppies or budgerigars. theyโ€™re so cute. thereโ€™s even a very special little rat named Sebastian who has a little backpack and is Very Brave, and heโ€™s delightful

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We are once again looking for your feedback!

Mike and Adam have been working together on adding a user interface for making custom stroke dash patterns and to make the dash list easier to navigate.

โฌ‡๏ธ Get it here for testing:

๐ŸŸฆ Windows:

๐Ÿง Linux:

๐Ÿ macOS:

Please submit your test results at

Enjoy + thanks for your help!

we watched TENET last night and, while Iโ€™m used to watching bad movies and enjoying them for their badness (we DID also watch the DOA movie this weekend, which was incredible), I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve seen a movie in a long time that whizzes its potential away this fucking hard

I want to make more comics than I do now, but to do that, I need them to provide more of my income than they do now. So, this month is all about PATREON, baby!

Consider supporting me to help hit my milestone goals and unlock some extra goodies!

What if LED backlit LCDs dimmed or turned off the backlight while changing pixels to reduce smear effects? Would probably have to be a high refresh rate display though. [This thought brought to you by thinking about CRTs]


Came across old 2014-2017 originals! These were just sitting in a binder for YEARS and I would like them cleared out to a good home! Various sizes 8.5x11, 4x6, 5x7)!

These are all ORIGINAL paintings/drawings done in watercolor, marker, ink, ect.

Email with an offer equal or greater then the minimum amount listed. See the attached guide~

I can offer close ups/scans of pieces on request if you would like more views.

If I did a panel like this what would you all be interested in me covering?

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Thinking about panels for cons again. Gotta submit my panels for Fur The More soon, and I'm kinda wondering if instead of or in addition to my regular Gender Exploration panel, if I should do something around "Hey, I figured out I'm trans/etc what do I do now"?

Anyone know a way to keep acrylic from fogging up? Thinking about con dances and need to do something for my plague doctor mask.

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