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Been working on the stereo system CPU card again. I tried *really hard* to get the stupid USB interface done aaaand not only did I not do that I discovered something that made things even more complicated to figure out.

Was thinking about the holidays and laughed over how my family's cat was freaked out by my high heel boots due to the noise they made.

warframe, the new war, spoilers 

So... is it weird that everything basically makes sense to me? Like, I get the whole how the drifter thing happened and why your orbiter is different. I want more drifter and Kahl-175 content tho.

CONTROL is free on the Epic Games Store today! remember a couple years ago when i wouldn't shut the fuck up about it? now YOU TOO can LIVE THE MAGIC of my FAVORITE GAME OF 2019

warframe fashion 

OH SHIT I got the Eros Wings! I'm sure I won't regret THIS decision at a-- pthpfhhh plhft *spits out a mouthful of feathers*

tf, size difference, 2nd person POV 

'Bou Webs that's like 6 feet tall on all fours that's already pretty intimidating but seamlessly transforms into a 10 foot tall bipedal version that you didn't even notice happen it's so smooth and now you're struggling to break eye contact

Managerial type in a suit and tie but also a spiked collar and piercings and tattoos that seem to match the classiness of the suit such that you don't even notice them at first. She's probably a demon or beast or something, too, but that's not important.


60% cacao chocolate chip cookie debrief:
When the cookies have cooled to where the chocolate is just *barely* melty, the flavor really works with the dough, but TBH the dough still really is the star of the show.

Already my brain's tumbling down the engineering requirements tree.

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Thinking about a software project to do, think encryption and object serialization are going to be the biggest upfront requirements to figure out.

That short sci-fi bit where some humans wear head bands that change color based on emotions to make aliens with that as a biological mechanism feel better around humans except it's a human with autism using it around other humans so they don't appear so inscrutable.

For a pose I draw so often, I still can't figure out how to draw hands on hips.

๐Ÿ‘๏ธCorrupt Lair๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

90s themed D&D scene commission 4 for Andrewfenbit!

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