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Lots of finished illustrations, the next bottle demon pin design, and some preview pages of a lesbian monsterfucking comic. 
Support independent art and read sexy comics for just $5 per month!

( #nsfw #mastoart #art #patreon )

Slowly turning a big knob that says "LESBIAN MONSTER WOMEN" and looking back at the viewing public for a reaction. No idea if I'm doing this right

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with every computer technology u have 3 options

1) the main one, run by a 200 trillion dollar company with a ceo that wants to destroy the rainforest as fast as possible and personally wants you dead

2) a smaller indie version run by 3 weirdos who you hope you don't find out that one of them is a sex creep

3) an open source one maintained by 1 guy that no one understands how to work except linux_fan_13_XXX and hasn't had an update since 2018

Since I will be participating in the Etsy strike I'm gonna sell a VERY limited amount here first (5 of each pencil case/10 of each lanyard!

Lanyards: $10 Each
Pencil Cases: $12 each
PIKA or FENNEC bundle: $20 for a matching lanyard+case set!

FREE U.S SHIPPING! (ask for international)

PM @ NightlineZ on Telegram to inquire with...
Shipping info:
What lanyard(s)/Pencil case(s):

good news, everyone! the multiocular O is getting more eyes! ๊™ฎ๊™ฎ

VERYVERY EXCITED 2 share the artwork + concepts I did for Anthro New England!

All badges were formatted and inspired by classic Pokemon Cards! My illustrations were done in the classic Ken Sugimori style featuring the mascots and various Boston locations!

Telegram Channel:

Don't drink and shred cheese.

Blew a point eight? Don't even grate.

food talk 

I made pasta with spinach and sausage and it tastes exactly like a good mussels marinara????

@Balina - "The eyes are the windows to the soul, so the mouth is the door."

@irisjaycomics - "and the nose is the chimney :D "

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reminder: tomorrow is Ape of Fools Day! don't forget to leave a banana out for the Fool's Ape, lest you wake up a fool yourself...

Did we ever come up with a better term than "mad science"?

Considering starting my own Discord server to post updates on projects and art. Would anyone be interested in that?

my favorite thing about comics, my number one absolute favorite thing, is that there's such a low barrier for starting a series. you can just write one about fucking ANYTHING. this is often a curse, but it is also a beautiful, beautiful gift

linking myself into the gigantic Pacific Northwest Polycule Supercluster and immediately getting bombarded with spam from across the network for black market boner pills, magic supplies, open source linux projects, The Good Bras,

i can't tell whether "The Hardest Podcast To Podcast" would be a very very stupid name or a very very good one

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I saw these Edward Steed cartoons of things he overheard at the zoo over a week ago and I have not stopped thinking about them since

Wow, and here I thought work was bad, the grocery store was a nightmare.

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