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Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Donโ€™t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: ๐Ÿ’“

All set up at SpaceWork2 to view tonightโ€™s total lunar eclipse! All you need to do is go outside and look at the Moon. If you canโ€™t view it tonight, weโ€™ll be streaming our telescope views live in just under an hour:

eyyyy today's #webcomicday !!! my queer hacker webcomic Crossed Wires is currently on a bit of a hiatus due to Too Many Work Projects but it's still free and still good

YT vid, deer running through the campground 

There was some footage in yesterday's ADVNTR episode that was ruining the project's render, but it was really cool stuff: a herd of deer running through our campground. I wanted to keep it, so I decided to upload it by itself. It's a quick one:

And if you're wondering "What the heck is ADVNTR?", it's one of the shows on my own YouTube channel, which has properly returned after a two-year break! You should watch yesterday's episode covering a backpacking trip to Mt. Wilson:

...and you should go ahead and subscribe to my channel as well since there's a ton in the pipeline that you're not going to want to miss...

YT channel stuffs 

After a lot of work tomorrow my own YouTube channel returns! ADVNTR #4 sees me and some friends in 2020 heading into the Angeles National Forest for some backpacking and a climb of the famous Mt. Wilson. Premieres live at 1500UTC / 0800PDT tomorrow, see you there!


Made a pasta that came out a-fucking-mazing. Like, I scarfed that stuff down so fast I can't believe it. Using an entire stick of butter probably helped though.

Gemelli pasta
Butter and whole wheat flour (roux)
Minced garlic cooked in butter
Onions, peppers, and spinach cooked in butter
Add salt to taste

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Peeling two bulbs of garlic, in which almost all cloves had sprouts to remove, reminds me a lot of peeling & deveining shrimp. Werg. =3= But worth it.

its been a long time in reposting!!
the 2013 chessmaster CRYPTOZOOLOGY FOR DUMBASSES zine is on my itchio for all to enjoy

tho its old enough to be going to primary school i still want to thank @irisjaycomics for organizing this back in the day

self promotion, space show 

Tonight's TMRO episode starts in just over half an hour! See you at 0030 UTC / 2030 EDT / 1730 PDT - tune in live here:

JPL released images today that were taken by Ingenuity, the helicopter that the Perseverance rover brought along to Mars.

They had it fly directly over where the backshell and parachute of the Entry-Descent-Landing system impacted the martian surface.

Even with that big parachute, it still smacked into the surface at somewhere around 480km/h [300mph].

This is absolutely amazing to see: actual, spent hardware on another planet, and I imagine we're going to get some good engineering we've never had before out of this as well.

pissing and moaning 

gonna get this embroidered on a big mesh-back trucker hat and wear it everywhere

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